FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Leaked ICE Email Reveals That Yesterday’s Action
“Disrupt[ed] Normal Operations” and Put ICE Headquarters on “Lock Down Condition”

Obtained by reporter Ken Klippenstein

Obtained by reporter Ken Klippenstein

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Sophie Ellman-Golan, Never Again Action

Cata Santiago, Movimiento Cosecha 

Never Again Action and Movimiento Cosecha released the following statement in response to a leaked internal email sent by ICE’s Acting Director Matthew T. Albence to all ICE Employees in the National Capital Region:

“We said we were going to shut down ICE yesterday, and that is exactly what we did. We kept this agency — an agency that is cruel in its design — from going about their business of terrorizing immigrant communities. 

When we prevent ICE from conducting business as usual, a parent won’t be taken from their home that day. It means that a workplace, construction site, or field won’t be raided. It means that someone won’t be picked up from a courthouse today. It means that someone won’t be taken to an airport or bus station to be deported.

It can’t end here. We call on the entire American public to join us: We will shut down every detention center, block every truck, and stop every raid until we have an immigration system rooted in the dignity of the millions of undocumented immigrants across the country and at our border.  

Yesterday was proof: when we work together, we can win.”

Photo by Nur Shlapobersky

Photo by Nur Shlapobersky