Never Again Action

When Jews say never again, we mean it.


Shut down ice everywhere




7/18 — Denver, CO — Sign Up Here Facebook Event

7/19 — Portland, ME — Facebook Event

7/20 — Pompano Beach, FL — Facebook Event

7/21 — Houston, TX — Facebook Event

7/23 — Cleveland, OH — Sign Up Here Facebook Event

7/25— Overland Park, KS — Facebook Event

8/1 — Milwaukee, WI — Sign Up Here Facebook Event

6/30 — Elizabeth, NJ — ICE Detention Center

7/2 — Boston, MA — ICE Detention Center

7/2 — Providence, RI — ICE Detention Center

7/3 — Los Angeles, CA — ICE Detention Center

7/4 — Philadelphia, PA — ICE/DHS Office

7/5 — San Francisco, CA — Speaker Pelosi’s Office

7/8 — Chicago, IL — Senator Durbin’s Office

7/9 — Washington, D.C. — U.S. Capitol

7/8-7/11 — New York City — Amazon AWS Conference & Palantir’s Office

7/11 — Buffalo, NY — DHS/ICE Office

7/12 — Grand Rapids, MI — ICE Field Office

7/14 —Concord, NH — NH Statehouse

7/15 — Atlanta, GA— ICE Field Office

7/16 — Washington, D.C.— ICE Headquarters


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What the U.S. government is doing at the border and in immigrant communities all around the country is nothing short of a mass atrocity. 

Children are being separated from their families at the border and imprisoned in concentration camps. ICE raids are increasing in frequency and severity, instilling fear and terror into immigrant communities. People are dying at the border as they flee for their safety.


As Jews, we were taught to never let anything like the Holocaust happen again.

We refuse to wait and see -- we know from our own history what happens next. Many of our ancestors narrowly escaped from conditions like what we are seeing today in concentration camps at the border and detention centers around the country.


never again is now.

If you’ve ever wondered what you would have done if you had been alive in the 1940s, this is the moment of truth. This is time to put our bodies on the line because when we say never again, we mean never again for anyone.